What is Synesthsia?
Synesthesia is a involuntary neurological phenonom that causes the senses to blend. In simple terms people with synesthesia (synesthetes) experience the ordinary world in extraordinary ways; words can have tastes;  names can have colours; and a sequence of numbers can glide through space.

How can I explore this complex topic?
Visual Master is a interactive installation that aims to explore the relationship between sight and sound through the study of synesthesia. What is happening? As the users play with the musical instruments the live visuals respond to the music. Users receive instant feedback as the instruments volume and frequencies alter the live visuals size, colour and orientation. The purpose of this project is to give it’s audience a memorable experience, something unusual and thought provoking. My target audience isn’t aimed at an age or particular gender but a person with a certain mindset - a curious person, someone who isn’t afraid to get up and just give it ago to see what happens. So how does the project work? There a few elements to this project , first of all the keyboard. The keyboard acts a midi controller allowing the audience to switch between visuals. A variety of musical instruments are available for the audience to pick up and play - each instruments offers a different sound that is a different frequency etc ensuring that it manipulates the visual in different ways. 
Working prototype and video demonstration, branding and research document.
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