The Problem
In a world where customers are continually demanding higher standards of service and convenience, and expect to have the same standards whenever and wherever they choose. I was challenged to find a viable solution to the following question: how should we (Sainsbury's) equip our colleagues to best respond to customers ‘in the moment’ queries?

The Solution
The aim of this project was to provide Sainsbury's customers with a seamless omni channel experience that was completely unique to their brand. 'Sainsbury's Your List' focuses on allowing customers to simple and efficiently create shopping lists, connecting you with your local store, building a personal relationship, making your shopping experience more fulfilling. Additionally, the app will help Sainsbury's staff to respond, support and assist customers when they have in the moment queries. 

Mobile app, research document (personas, journeys, touchpoint) and advert - This project was designed and created by myself and Visi Dhkari. 
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